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Conference Announcements

22nd International Association for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 16 Jul 2016

12th Congress of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine, Seoul, South Korea, 29 Aug 2015

International Conference on Educational and Developmental Psychology, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 30 Jan 2015

International Conference on Digital Information Processing and Communications, Phuket, Thailand, 25 Dec 2014

International Conference on Power Engineering and Technology, Phuket, Thailand, 25 Dec 2014

International Conference on Disaster and Emergency Management, Phuket, Thailand, 25 Dec 2014

International Conference on Civil, Structural and Earthquake Engineering, Phuket, Thailand, 25 Dec 2014

Mission Statement

Our Mission is New Zealand Dollar Swiss Franc to promote the interests and growth of scientists, circulate academic awareness and publish high quality research while providing our journals free of charge. Our journals are fully open access where researchers and readers have free and unlimited access to the full text..

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About Open Access Publication

Open access publishing ensures a free flow of scientific information and knowledge at the worldwide level. Most scholars now agree that electronic journals are a much better way of delivering journal articles than paper journals housed in libraries. Moreover, open access promises to enlighten the citizens outside the academy, enhance teaching and learning, and speed up the pace of discovery.

Open access makes knowledge freely available to all, regardless of whether the researcher or scholar is at Oxford or Yale, or at a small college in Mississippi, Mumbai or Manila. Open-access publishing enhances the visibility of university faculty, reduces their expenses for journals, and advances their mission to share knowledge.

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